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EfitX 6.1 is now available! Over 10 prime features added! 6.1 provides users, clients and Coaches more useful tools along with a faster streamlined experience! Read more ...
4 Quick Body Weight Routines
BODY WEIGHT 1 - Intermediate high energy workout to optimize fat expenditure. Works all planes of motion.
MODERATE INTENSITY 1 - Ideal to build endurance for recreational athletes. Works all planes of motion.
HIGH INTENSITY 1 - For advance exercisers only. Ideal for sports conditioning. Perform in circuit fashion to elevate intensity.
ABS & CORE 1 - Intermediate abs and core routine. Consult physician or fitness professional if you have experienced issues involving movement.
How Technology is Reshaping the Fitness Service Industry.

Introducing Team EfitX Sponsored Competition Team! Gym credits: Sunnyvale Health & Fitness, Sweat Studio.

10-07-2016: EFITX 6 IS HERE!

Today we release to beta EfitX Version 6. It has been completely renovated from the previous version 5. Hope you enjoy all the new exciting features.