Many of the popular fitness apps on the market today have been created without proper consultation from fitness experts. These well-known apps depend almost entirely on a broad food database while neglecting to address accurate nutrition content, varying exercises, proper form, and connectivity with a trainer. While an extensive food database is beneficial, the creators of EfitX believe many other areas need to be monitored and addressed to gain desired results and to ensure continual improvement.
I used an app with over 100 thousand food selections but I realized that having the ability to find a wide variety of foods was not providing me with the guidance on correct portions and healthy eating that I need.
While having an app with a broad food database is a good place to start, it is not a logical solution to losing fat or improving performance and overall health. The developers of EfitX are experienced fitness professionals that believe a gradual change in one's eating habits, paired with regular exercise in proper form and progressing intensity, is essential in truly achieving fitness goals that will last.
RULE 1: Gradual change in eating habits

Cutting bad habits cold-turkey only works for a short period. When a client has been consuming improper nutrition for quite awhile, it's not wise to drop all bad food and start eating an extremely clean diet too quickly. Making gradual changes to the nutrition plan is a more effective method to achieve a sustained proper diet.
RULE 2: Exercise Regularly with proper form.

Regular exercise is necessary to improve overall health and proper form is essential. EfitX allows trainers to attach linked videos to exercises to help their clients safely carryout such exercises on their own. Proper form analyzed by a qualified fitness professional will ensure safety and will produce dramatically more effective results.
RULE 3: "Progressing Intensity"

With EfitX a client can log in an exercise simply through a single input field that enables users to specify the weight used as well as the number of sets and reps performed. Being able to access such information anywhere you go will dramatically improve results. This feature is essential in progressing the intensity of workouts to gain strength and endurance results.