"Hi, I'm efitBOT! With your current effort, you may lose up to two pounds per week!"

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What should I work on today?

Smart Suggestions

  • EfitBot knows the types of movements recently performed.
  • EfitBot suggests exercises to keep you optimized in your program
  • Every exercise has a movement classification


How many calories do I need to burn?

Consumption vs Expenditure

  • EfitX calculates all 5 methods of calorie expenditure including BMR, Lifestyle activity and EPOC.
  • You will get an idea on how many pounds you may lose per week.
  • Visually see the difference between calories consumed and calories burned.


Did I over eat today?

Easy Color-code Macros

  • The icon turns 'red' when you go over your amounts
  • The USDA style nutrition label shows today's nutrient totals vs goals.
  • EfitBOT will make suggestions to keep you within your goals.


What muscle groups am I training?

Muscle View

  • See which movements were recently performed.
  • Know what muscles have been under-trained and over-trained
  • You or your coach set the Volume Goals according to your level.


I am awesome with Squats! ..or am I?

Strength Standards

  • See where you compare in strength standards
  • Get suggestions on how to improve in specific exercises
  • EfitBOT will let's you know when you become awesome!


I need guidance from a personal trainer!

Coach Programs

  • Get complete workout routines from participating coaches
  • Coach can assign you a customized plan
  • Nutritionist or Coach can provide you up to 3 preset menus

Standard Features

Workout Tracking

Dynamic Tracking. Monitors Volume for Endurance and Power. Over 500 exercises in catalog.


Create customized menus. USDA style food labels. 7000 foods available

Cardio Tracking

Calculates calories expended without a wearable. Easy editing features.

Certified Pros

Available for full coach integration for virtual personal training. Customized Programs.


Full workout programs integrated with EfitBOT. All levels of fitness.


View graphs the way you should see them. Select dynamic ranges for optimized analyzing.

Innovation continues, we've just started!

The EfitX PLATFORM is only 1 of 4 stages of this exciting product. We continue to seek better methods and technology for both consumers and professionals. Although, wearables have been sufficient for cardio,they fail to measure weight training accurately. We wish to change that. EfitX is a Progressive Web App (PWA),no downloads, everything is within the cloud.

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