This version was specifically designed for MOBILE USE however you may still use your desktop or laptop but please reduce your browser width accordingly for optimized use. Read compatibility news below.

    COMPATIBILITY NEWS for desktop browsers

  • EfitX is equipped with Google Polymer and Web Components, older browsers may not be compatible.

  • MOST VERSIONS: Exit button will only work in narrow view. Drag your window to at least 40% to allow drawer to hide.

  • Chrome Version/Android 39: No reported issues

  • Chrome Version 38: Rendering issues; main window may not render at times. Slight adjustment of your window will allow page to appear.

  • Safari 5.1.7 for Windows: NOT COMPATIBLE

  • Internet Explorer 11.096: Do not expand screen while in use.

  • Internet Explorer 11.096: Main section pages do not fly to the top. Scroll your page down or do not adjust page while in use.