What is EfitX?

The EfitX is a cloud-based application developed to enhance fitness management. It features very useful tools to accommodate a real-world exercise environment. EfitBOT is our predictive fitness coach that looks at a client's profile and historic data, in which uses calculations to suggest exercises and tips to progress the user's program. When EfitX is integrated with a coach, the program is more optimized. Utilizing EfitX daily produces faster client results, client convenience and delivers overall better value in a fitness program.


Technology is reshaping the fitness industry. Whether you are a fitness consumer or a fitness professional, it may be inevitable to avoid the use of mobile applications, smart watches and scanning devices within the next decade. There are thousands of money-hungry-funded programmers trying to develop applications to capture their portion of the fitness market. The threat is more real to one-on-one personal training services. Although person-to-person services boasts advantages of being more personable, applications offer advantages with utilizing data. Collected data whether it's calories consumed, how fast I ran a mile or how much I have lifted in the past month, all play an important role on enhancing a fitness program. Also applications provide fitness enthusiasts an affordable alternative versus hiring a fitness professional.

Standard Features

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