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WHAT IS eFitBot?

eFitBot (™) is our proprietary predictive analytics driven virtual fitness coach enabling trainers and their clients to target an optimum trajectory to be followed for endurance, strength, cardio and nutrition to achieve their fitness goals. eFitBot leverages extensive exercise classification, kinetic muscle group models, USDA database coupled with machine learning using trained models based on group and individual historic data. eFitBot provides the ability to fine tune and customize programs when paired with a real coach for optimum results. List of actual case studies (anonymized individual data for privacy) coming soon.

Goal Planner Tool

The first stage prior to developing an exercise program is to determine your goal and fitness level. We always suggest consulting a fitness professional with an assessment in person. But, EfitBot Goal Planner tool can assist coaches and clients to move toward the right direction.

Let EfitBot provide you a quick analysis! Use our goal planner tool demo!

Goal Planner Demo

EFitBot Integrated with EfitX

EfitBot is integrated within EfitX Lite and it analyzes many types of data to optimize your fitness program. There is a lot more going on than just basic analytics. What specific types of movements are you performing? Which directions are you moving? What is the effectiveness scale of these exercises? How much workout volume are producing? EfitBot is continuing learning your patterns.

As EfitBot digs deeper into these attributes, it can forecast what movements in your workouts are lacking, thus determine workout suggestions through machine learning.